Essay on Book of John

Words: 1922
Pages: 8

One of the major themes of the Book of John is to prove that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God. What makes these miracles so special is the difficulty faced to create them and what each is trying to teach. There are seven main miracles, seven being a significant number throughout the bible, that are used to help better understand Jesus and his true identity. We can also find a last miracle in His resurrection, which in itself is simply put that Jesus is a part of God because of how impossible this action seemed. The last miracle is sometimes skipped as a sign that Jesus is the Christ and Messiah. This book was written from true events which is why it is made important and allows people to see who Jesus is. The reason …show more content…
The writer of the book of John focuses more of the mystery of how Jesus was able to cross the water without a boat. Jesus being able to walk on water meant that, just like God, Jesus could control the elements of nature and that he was some-what of a higher power than earthly things. This would mean that Jesus was connected to God in a deep and profound way. This miracle, again, reveals his true glory and would mean that believing and having true spiritual faith in Jesus would lead to true life. The sixth sign becomes significant once we read that the man that was healed was blind completely from birth. This was used to portray that Jesus was the light of the world sine he opens the eyes of those who were spiritually blinded from birth. Jesus also emphasizes that the blind has not been punished and is not a sinner, for his purpose in life is to show His Glory which would make the man an important person despite being blinded. This could be used to represent the people who were spiritually blinded being healed and seeing who Jesus truly was. The blind man would be a spiritually blinded man instead of the physical blindness. Even those who clam to see are blind because they have not seen the light of life, or realize who Jesus truly is. It is only the true believers that understand the Jesus is the Son of God because their blindness has been healed, and the real consequence is that they will see the light of Glory and light of the world. The seventh sign