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Book Banning or Not Book banning changed to be a big issue after lots of parents involved in the children’s reading. Reading can affect reader’s mood, ideas, even thought and world outlook. As too many people writing, the contents of the book is also a wide variety, and some related to the sexual content, some articles’ content has religious conflict, what influence will make to the young people? Michael Gartner states in his 1995 USA Today article that “parents and legislators and school board members across the nation tried to censor what our children-can read and learn in the public”(A13). He thinks it is good to get involved with the education of your child, but is bad to get involved in other child’s education. However I agree with this point. After you tell the teacher that you do not want your child read the book, may be the teacher can find an alternate assignment. Michael mentions do not tell like my child should not read that. It should be suggestion as you use euphemism words. “There is a difference between involvement and censorship. One is being a good parent. The other is being a bad citizen.”(A13). So people can know that Michael Gartner tend to think that parents involvement and citizen censorship are different, however parents can give a suggestion instead of limit. Harry Potter books faces big problem again since school’s open. As an editorial in USA Today states: “The enemy is the very real forces of self-appointed censors, who want to tell other people’s children what they can read” (“Harry Potter faces biggest for yet in book censors” A22). At first, the author mentioned the Potter books being No. 1 on best-sellers lists for months and also edged out perennial targets. So it means Harry Potter is a series of book that very popular and welcome, readers are like it. Therefore the books must have some places that attract readers. However in Zeeland, Mich. the school “barred all classrooms reading of Harry Potter books last year and removed them from open shelves of the libraries’, because the Harry Potter books involved witchcraft. Then some people organized “Muggles for Harry Potter”. As the USA Today mentioned, finally, “the superintendent backed down, removing most of his restriction”. The author adamantly states “that access to books is not automatic and must be fought for”. This example is can call back-to-school censorship. Since the schools removed all the Harry Potter books, students cannot get it in the library. I think that called censorship before the books backed to available. After the movement and finally it is not the censorship, people can access to the books. This author did not agree with banning the Harry Potter books. On the other hand, there is an opposing view that agrees with banning the Harry Potter books to protect our kids. Linda Harvey states in her 2000 USA Today article that “Witchcraft is being pitched to our kids in teen novels” and “Harry Potter may stimulate [occult] interest, along with other questionable values”. “Witchcraft is portrayed as