Bookings: High School and Various Extracurricular Activities Essay

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I stood in my driveway frozen in thought on a hot winter day in Florida. Thinking of the decision I spent sleepless nights thinking over as I watch my parents start the car and drive away. They do this every day to go to work or go grocery shopping or to pick up my little brother from school, but this time was different. I watched the car disappear from my line of view and I just stood there; frozen. The fact that my parents were going back to our home town in Massachusetts and leaving me to choose to stay in Florida with my brothers or go with them was unfathomable.
We had moved from Massachusetts to Florida right before I started middle school and I honestly did not want to start over again. Now that I was in high school I finally had my group of friends and my life was established again. I made friends, participated in various extracurricular activities and I met School is demanding, so I try to go through my daily routine and keep my mind off the current situation. I walk through the halls and fail to acknowledge my friends and peers. They ask me what is wrong but I just tell them that I am tired. My mind goes back and forth like a see saw as I weigh out the pros and the cons of me living without my parents. As what any teenager would think, the thought of life without parents is very enticing and the new freedom would leave room for endless possibilities. I imagine me and my brothers on MTV the real world living the independent life in the place where dreams come