Books Are Not Dead Essay

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‘Books are NOT dead’

Books are definitely not dead. Have you ever thought about the imagination you can achieve from reading books? Especially for children, they can enjoy imagining things as part of their childhood.
Referring to books as ‘dead’ has been incorrectly used. Books are not dead as they are full of adventures, suspicious characters, thrilling adventure, and much more. Books provide us a wider range of knowledge that helps us interact in reality. Books give us ideas with what we can achieve in our life. I remember when I was little, I used to read books to give me ideas with what I could do, and for example, reading about a day in a park, therefore I tried to encourage my parents to take me out to the park. Books give us an inspiration with our lives.
In addition, books also help us to be more educated and have more understanding in life. The Books can also be read during free times or as hobbies. I know many people who read books to get away from struggling moments in reality. The books can sometimes give advice to people and can help us to learn from our mistakes.
Additionally, books can involve a certain character who might be struggling with the same difficulties as the reader. Therefore, books are functional to people. Sometimes, authors write novels referring to special people who they know, for example, someone fighting against cancer. Therefore, the author would create an emotional and strong book to encourage the person to keep strong and fight.