Books: High School Students Essay

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Books have transcended time and have played an important role of developing our world and our imagination. They have the ability of opening up completely different worlds to us and allowing us to explore the deepest parts of our imagination. I propose that high school students should be eligible to decide what books they read and discuss as a class in order to induce further participation and interest in the classroom. However some people would challenge my position by saying that high school students may choose books that are far below their reading/comprehension level in order to make the process easier for themselves. This statement comes from the idea that students are, more often than not, looking for an easy way out of a possibly difficult assignment. Their main reason for believing this brings up the fact that most students would abuse their power of choice in order to ‘lighten their load’ (Scholastic Stuff Inc.). I believe this argument to be unreasonable since most high school students actually enjoy the act of reading and would undoubtedly be more interested in the topic of conversation if it were about a book the valued. Students who have the choice of any book they desire will be more obligated to select one that they are interested in receiving a deeper understanding for, resulting in further analysis and interest in the long run. High school students are full of passion and intellect, especially for topics they truly care about; with this in mind I believe that students would be more outgoing and conversational in the classroom if they were discussing a topic they found fascinating. There are is an extensive assortment of books throughout of the world complete with an unlimited quantity of genres for student to choose from. “Books hold remarkable opportunities for novices to expand their young minds and open up their world to a new realm of probability,” (Dr. Lily Dashmarrow, Neuroscientist).
With an abundance of literature being released into the world each year students will always have the