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Why Books Are Important To Children
Children all have their favourite hobbies and activities they enjoy when they have spare time. Boys prefer to play video games or have a hockey scrimmage with their friends while girls like to text on their cell phones and communicate with other friends on social media. These children are so passionate in their hobbies that they forget other things that could be beneficial in their free time. One of the most important things you can do is read a book. However, the first thing that comes into a mind of a child when they are encouraged to read a book is that they would consider it tedious. Yes, certain books can be boring because of a weak plot or storyline but the main reason why children do not like reading is because books contain a lot of words. Reading books might not be a favourite of many, but they are critical to our daily lives at school, home and in society.
When you look into a particular book, think about all the benefits it would have in your life. It can enhance your vocabulary knowledge, extend your imagination and can help you learn a lesson or moral in life. All of these elements are critical in achieving success in Language Arts. As a matter in fact, psychology research proves that most children who receive a potential grade of less than eighty percent in Language Arts struggle because they do not read many books. People may think that it’s virtually impossible to adopt the skills you learn from your book to the assignments in L.A. However, this is false. Our brain functions in both a sophisticated and miscellaneous matter that it can naturally help us to apply our learned skills from books to our assessments in schools. Books are one of the most important factors in improving our grades in Language Arts. Your grades might not have an immediate impact from reading ample books, but it is certainly guaranteed that your English skills are rapidly accumulating.
Critical thinking and creativity are useful for not only at school, but in society as well. As many know, books can expand our knowledge and thinking skills. These skills can even contribute to our daily lives and contact with others. For example, in fictional stories, there is usually a theme the author wants to convey to us. Once we comprehend the theme of a story, we can develop a moral that matches with the elements of the theme. Once we establish a moral, it can help us become better people in our lives. Let’s take the book ‘Charlotte’s Web’ for instance. In this book, the theme is mainly emphasized on friendship and how it can bring positive influences in our lives. We can learn many things from the theme of the book. We can treat others with respect, create more friendships, sacrifice and do errands for our friends and