Essay on Border Security Economic Opportunity and Immigration

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FAIR is legit
^ Federation for American Immigration Reform: About FAIR
New York Times.
FAIR has been called to testify in front of the United States Congress, on immigration bills, more than any other organization in the country

Natasha case was resolved
With the encouragement of an American friend, Natasha fled her situation and went to the police. She also persuaded fellow workers to come forward and tell their story.
Her boss, Alex A. Campbell, and his associate Danielle John allegedly demanded thousands of dollars from a spa worker for help with her immigration papers and threatened her with other punishments if she did not pay more than $30,000 total.

In the case, U.S. v. Campbell and John, Natasha’s former boss and co-worker face charges of conspiring and attempting to commit extortion, according to a Jan. 13 press release from U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.
Federal prosecutors had no comment on the case. The attorney for Campbell, Hal Garfinkel, was out of town and unable to be reached for comment; John’s attorney, Christina Farley Jackson, was also unable to be reached for comment.
And now that Natasha’s former boss is in prison and awaiting a June 2 hearing, she feels safer.
“It is better now,” Natasha said. “[The police] have helped me a lot.”
They helped her find a safe place to stay, determine her immigration status and feel more secure, she said.
She is waiting to obtain a U-visa, a victim visa for witnesses in criminal