Borders Should Be Closed To Illegal Immigrants

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Immigration is “to enter and usually become established; especially: to come into a country of which one is not a native for permanent residence”. (“Merriam Webster”). Illegal immigration is a popular debate in the United States. Approximately twelve million illegal immigrants migrate into the United States each year. Some of the twelve million receive social services such as food stamps, driver’s licenses, etc. The borders should be closed to illegal immigrants because they receive government assistance without proper documentation, takes away money, jobs, and housing away from tax paying citizens, also it effects the economy, and the safety of the country. To begin, tax payers of the United States are granted many rights that illegal immigrants are not. The average American citizen pays thousands of dollars in taxes each year. Taxes pay for highways, government assistance, and many other needs for citizens. According to the article “Illegal Immigration”, “illegal immigrants took away jobs from Americans, undercut the labor market because they worked for far less pay, and burdened the health …show more content…
“There was a tremendous influx of undocumented, or illegal, immigrants in the United States,” ("Immigration and Migration."). With the population of the illegal immigrants increasing, the safety of the country decreases. The safety of the country decrease because, someone who is not documented is untraceable. A huge issue between the borders is drugs; Cartels and other gang related activities that come along with it, bring a threat to our country. Terrorism is the biggest issue when it comes to safety decreasing from illegal immigrants. When an undocumented immigrant comes into the country, there is no way to track this individual down. The illegal immigrant is left with the opportunity to afflict harm on the United States without anyone becoming