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Boreal Shield Eco zone
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Unit 9 Project (Individual Work)
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Plain and low hills of the Canadian Shield.
The Eco zone is characterized by a broadly rolling upla nds and lowlands with Precambrian granitic bedrock out crops. There are numerous lakes and rivers, accounting for 22% of Canada’s freshwater surface area.
The types of soil vary widely from muskeg to glacial-deposited sands.

The climate of the Boreal Shield is generally continental wit h long cold winters and short warm summers. Cold air mass es over Hudson Bay bring relatively high levels of precipitati on to much of the area, from 400 mm in the west to 1 000 mm in the east. The average midwinter temperature is -15
℃, while in midsummer it hovers around 17 ℃. The typical year sees between 60 and 100 frost-free days. Regions bordering the Great Lakes and the Atlantic tend to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer thanks to the moderating influence of large water bodies.

Human Economic Activi ty The region has a total population of1,695,000, forestry, mining, tourism, recreation, trapping are the major economic activities in t he region, GDP $49 billion.

Connection Between Characteristics of Eco Zone
Landforms, climate, soils and minerals, natural vegetation, wild life, and human economic activities are connected to each other because boreal shield is mostly lowland, hill, it also have a numerous lakes and rivers, s o it create a