A Brief Note On The Animal Farm

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Far back before the entire world was populated with humans, animals ruled, and among the animals the great creator was a giant bobcat named Babylon. Babylon however was bored with the same day in and day out. Nothing changed it was always sunny and Babylon wasn’t the type to stay in the sun all the time, and in fact he couldn’t because the heat was too intense for him. Babylon tired of this went to his loyal servant named Flatbush who was also a bobcat but was a bit smaller than Babylon. Babylon said to Flatbush “I’m tired of it always being hot, I’m suppose to be ruling the world, but how am I suppose to do that when I can’t even walk outside”. Flatbush replied “Well your highness, you could make it a bit cooler, and you do enjoy swimming so try to think about something along those lines.”Babylon finally said, “I have a great idea, I can make water fall from the sky! Flatbush surprised yelled,”That’s an amazing idea your highness and it would help the humans grow their crops better, so that they can feed you like the great ruler you are”. “Yes, that is correct, replied Babylon, to get his plan started he held an enormous assembly that consisted of humans and animals. Here Babylon said,” Do not be frightened my loyal subjects, there is a day coming where this heat will bear down on us no more, just all you wait and see”. With that everyone jumped and cheered with excitement and Babylon then disappeared for 3 days. On the fourth day Flatbush walked around doing his errands when he noticed the sky started to get cloudy, then water started to fall. All the humans started cheering and ran to tend to their withering crops and all the animals ran around playing in the puddles and play with