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Borges Essay
Borges was a poet, story writer, and essayist who liked to base his fictional short stories for rich and fanatical imagery. These stories were more difficult to comprehend to the common-eye than most other books. Reading short stories from Ficciones, as an example of his works, will have your mind thinking at a higher level of curiosity and imagination than most other books you have read. To set up his stories, Borges creates a storyline to go behind a more central analysis of different questions that come up that contains the world today. He just didn’t want to create a story, he wanted to make the story mean something and impact the minds of his readers. All of Borges’ stories end leaving you wondering about life and questioning why different things happen the way that they do. The two stories from Ficciones that have endings that impacted me as a reader were The Form of a Sword and Circular Ruins. The Form of a Sword is a story about a man telling the narrator a story. The story tells of man’s experience and who he meets along the way. The man, being John Vincent Moon, is described as having a cowardly attitude and philosophical challenge during a time of war. Moon is helped by an Irishman during the end of the story. But to throw a twist to the end of the story, the Irishman tells the narrator that he is, in fact, John Vincent Moon himself. The end to this story left me in two different modes of persuasion. One being logos, which is logic, and the other being pathos, which is emotional appeal. My logos, or logic, told me to dislike this character as he is a sellout, a coward, and very far from a man. But once I discovered that the man telling the story was indeed John Vincent Moon, my emotional appeal arose. Even though he revealed himself as Moon in the end, I still felt sympathetic for him as I compelled to this acknowledgement and self-shame he showed toward himself about the terrible thing he had did. Getting to the bigger picture, the storyteller and Vincent Moon were one in the same in the end, insinuating the bigger picture that whatever one man does, it is as if all men did it. There is a part of us that lives in every person of the world, sharing common identity. Though the end of the story struck me by surprise, my emotional appeal came out because I know there is a part of me that lives in the actions of John Moon. Everyone has done something that they are ashamed of or not proud of from their past. Ultimately, this changes the meaning