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David Herman
Chicano Studies

Born in East L.A

On the day we as a class voted on which movie we wanted to watch I wasn’t sure which movie I should raise my hand for. I had this dilemma because I didn’t have a clue what any of the movies were about. I decided I would keep my hand down during the voting process and I’m sure glad that I did because as a class they obviously made the right choice without me. Born in East L.A won with the majority of the votes and little did I know that I would be telling my friends how good of a movie it would be? From the beginning of the movie I’m doing all that I can to hold back my laughter. The main character Rudy seems to be having an off day and you just can’t help but to laugh with him or at him. Many things do confuse me early on in the movie such as the beautiful French women or his car but they all seem to make sense by the time the movie is over. The fact that Rudy gets deported while picking up his illegal cousin was brilliant. That’s one thing I really liked about this movie was that throughout all the events that Rudy has to go through everything seemed to eventually tie in together. The movie flowed with great dialogue and jokes that kept me interested the entire time. The most interesting interactions in the movie for me happened between Rudy and Jimmy. Even writing the two names down you would think they could swap names. It was interesting how Jimmy had Rudy doing all his slave labor and Rudy never once questioned it. Jimmy fit into Mexico so much better then Rudy although Rudy was the one looked like he belonged there. Its not often that you see a white guy hustling a Mexican in Mexico and that’s what it looked like Jimmy was doing to Rudy. Jimmy did seem to have a kind heart, which I found to be a bit surprising. I had a feeling that he wasn’t going to pay for