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Botany Exam 1 Review
Chapter 1-6

How do humans impact the earth regarding plants?
What is the definition of Botany and Botanists.
What are the steps in the scientific method and the processes associated with each?
Who was Robert Hooke what were and his contributions to science?
What are the attributes of living organisms?
Know the definition of matter and the three states of matter
Know the definition of an atom and the following terms and descriptions associated each.
Atomic number
Atomic mass
Atomic weight
Know the following terms
What is a valence bonds and how is it formed?
What is an ionic bond and how are they formed?
What is a covalent bonds and how are they formed?
What is a hydrogen bond and how are they formed?
Know the different types of bonding between elements and how they occur.
Know the pH scale and what determines if a solution of an acid or base (alkaline).
What is the basic unit that makes up a protein?
What a nucleotide of DNA consists of?
What is an enzyme and what does it do?
Know the difference between the characteristics of a prokaryotic cell and eukaryotic cells; and be able to identify organisms that belong to each group.
What are cell walls composed of.
What part of the cell does the cytoplasm contain?
What part of the cell does the protoplasm contains?
What is the cell membrane is made up of.
What is a chloroplast and all what are the structures inside it.
Know the phases of the cell cycle and describe what occurs in each phase
Know the phases of mitosis and describe what occurs in each phase in plant cells.
Where does mitosis mainly occurs at in plants?
Know the three simple tissues produced by meristems.
What is the…