Boss: Chicken Mcnuggets and Cute Little Dog Essay

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It would be nice to just lay in the sun all day or dive into the creek searching for rocks while daydreaming of steaks for dinner and having someone to rub the back part of his stomach. This is the life of our two year old Boston terrier dog named Boss. He is a mysteriously strange but cute little dog. He has short stubby black hair and one tiny white spot under his neck. He sort of looks like one of those boxer’s that never did grow up because he is so short. Even though Boss hardly has any of his teeth left due to his extreme love of rock carrying, and the fact that he drags cotton everywhere from his constant nagging or chewing of his chew toys, he has become a family member to us all. My husband calls him “sexy dog” because all the other dogs love him and his big brown dreamy eyes with his short tail which can’t really wag due to it being cut too short at birth. He was given to us by an older couple who had another Boston Terrier and they couldn’t keep them both together because they loved to fight. That has been over a year now and it seems as though Boss never ages, except for his tiny filed down teeth. He absolutely loves to go swimming in the creek, and he will practically jump over the moon to get anything that resembles an old water bottle or a knobby wooded stick. Boss has gotten lost a million times it seems. Somehow magically though we always end up finding him and he comes running to us jumping up into our laps,and into the car wetting our clothes from all the running. Once inside, he manages to rummage the car seats for leftover chicken nuggets or Doritos to munch on. He isn’t at all jealous, except for our kids. He loves to hang around with our other dogs and even shares his food with them without so much as an angry growl. When he sleeps he stretches out, making him look and feel almost twice his size. He snores louder than a small train, and sleeps like a kid without any worries. However he never ever goes under the covers. We remember the first day we got him still. It was a steamy hot day and we had only a small leash to put him on. My baby girl decided that we needed to go to the dollar general store and get him some other dog stuff. When she opened the car door, he