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Humans are becoming too dependent on computers, internet, and technology for doing something in their every day life. Every condition of our lives has been altered by the intrusion of computers and technology. Computers are used to do many things from business at home, finding new people and friends and finding old friends, keep relations with family, and just relax after a day or work. As each day passes more and more people start asking themselves the same question, are humans becoming too dependent on technology?
Even now children are learning how to function a computer for fun and for learning. One good side is that children are learning how to function a computer and do jobs and learn skills on it, which takes manual dexterity, but at the same time, children aren't learning skills like writing their name and assignments done by pencil and paper. Handwriting is a skill that is not likely to find a replacement in the world of technology.
Computers can also lead to an academic ambience where spelling skills are not learned. This is also true for adults who think of themselves as good spellers. Many word processing programs auto correct misspelled words and the writer never even knows that they have made a mistake. Everyone loves when things go smoothly and easily and while it does speeds up the writing process, it leads to the common misspelling of things.
Some people do become obsessed with computers. For example, a couple in South Korea was recently charged with murder after they neglected their newborn baby to spend up to 12 hours a day in an internet café caring for a virtual baby. This type of obsession certainly can make the case that people are becoming too dependent on computers. But it is the exception to the rule, not the norm.
The most important problem in the debate on whether or not people are becoming too dependent on computers is one of