Boss: Psychology and Talk Radio Essay

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Janet Toribio
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Beverly Reilly
September 25, 2012
Talk Radio Can Influence Public Policy Throughout the years talk radio has been expanding, it has reached so many followers and it continues to gain audience. It might be because their topics are very interesting and controversial, and many radio presenters are not afraid to say what they believe. This tends make more people listen to talk radio and to whatever debate they are having during the time. Talk Radio can be a huge influence to the public because their topics are based on life experiences or things that are happening during the time period. This is the reason why many people believe or start thinking that just because they are on air and presenting their topics to thousands of other people they must be correct. People who are less educated tend to fall for this most of the time, a good example will be my mother, if she hears anything regarding an interesting topic like education or anything concerning a kids behavior on the radio she comes home and starts asking me millions of questions because since she is not really school educated she gets brainwashed very quick and starts to believe what she hears rather than debating against it or deeply analyzing. These things doesn’t only happen to non-educated people it can happen to anyone, people tend to get brain washed a lot because they are not analyzing what these radio presenters are saying they are just going with the flow and…