Boss: Qualitative Research and Previous Assignments Essay

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Turning to the construction of your research paper, it will have the following sections. Note that you are expected to use work from previous assignments. You should read your complete paper over to ensure that it reads like a single, coherent body of work; not like different assignments that were pasted one after another.

1. The first page, which is unnumbered, will be a title page containing, at least, a title and your name. The remainder of the paper will have page numbers.

2. The second page, labeled Abstract, will contain an abstract of your paper not to exceed 200 words. As a reminder, the abstract is a short summary of your main argument, your methods, and your main conclusion.

3. The body of your paper will begin with an introduction. Do not label the introduction and make sure that your thesis appears in this section. Your thesis must be some version of the following: “The monetary resources of the incumbent affect the quality of the challenger that the incumbent faces.” You may want to state the thesis differently depending on what you found in previous assignments.

4. The next section, labeled Literature Review, contains your review of existing research on the topic. It is expected that you will use a corrected and edited version of Assignment 7 here.

5. The next section, labeled Methods, contains the “instructions” for replicating your quantitative findings and your hypotheses. It is expected that you will use a corrected and edited version of Assignment 12 here.

6. The next section, labeled Quantitative Results, contains the presentation of your data analysis. This is the second part of Assignment 12.

7. The next section, labeled Qualitative Results, contains the discussion of your case studies.