Bossy: Leon Trotsky and Stalin Vital Powers Essay

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.Why did Stalin win the power struggle in 1924-9?

There were several reasons why Stalin won the power struggle. First Stalin had many strengths which helped in his manoeuvrings for power. Secondly, Stalin’s opponents had weaknesses which Stalin used to his advantage. Thirdly, Lenin left a legacy which gave Stalin vital powers which he could use to gain control.
Stalin had many strengths which were vital to his success in the power struggle. The first was his position as General Secretary of the Communist Party which gave him control over party organisations. Stalin became General Secretary of the Party in April 1922, though he had been doing a similar job since 1919 at Rabkrin (the worker’s and peasant’s inspectorate). This position, along with the position in the Orgburo and the growing centralisation of the Party put him in a unique position to influence job appointments and the Party organisation. This also gave him some control of the business of the Politburo. For example drawing up agendas and papers of the Politburo meetings, this gave him control over what was discussed and what information other members received. He also had some control of the Party organisation, this meant that he could influence the selection of delegates who were sent to the annual party congress where major issues of policy were decided and the Central Committee was chosen. He could also pack the congress with his supporters. He used his position in the party organisation to undermine…