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Boston Massacre

The thirteen colonial colonies were getting further from their British roots. What the British wanted was a bigger piece of the tobacco industry and American timber for their warships. Also, taxation from a King that was 3,000 miles away did not sit well with the Bostonians. They felt as if they were paying taxes to a King and Parliament that did not allow them to have a voice and representation. After John Hancock’s ship the “Liberty” got raided and creased by the British, riots broke out through out the city. The King ordered 4,000 red coats to go to America and force his laws upon the Bostonian people. The Bostonian’s were under occupation.
What is the definition of massacre? It is the unnecessary or indiscriminate killing of a large number of people. In my opinion, it looks to me like the Bostonians were trying to provoke the British soldiers. The British soldiers feared for their lives. Over fifty Bostonians surrounded the soldiers. Officer Preston should have had more soldiers from the 29th Regiment accompany him to the Old State House on King Street. I think that a larger force would have intimidated the Bostonian crowd. They did not fear for their lives and they felt that they could over run the 8 British soldiers. Fear is what caused Private Hugh Montgomery to fire the first shoot into the crowd; it was his fear for his life. The other soldiers out of fear and confusion followed suit. Was it right for them to fire on the Bostonian crowd? I don’t believe so, but what I do believe is that Captain Preston was in charge and should have quickly stopped his soldiers