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Danuel Scott
Critical Thinking
February 27, 2014

Dot complicated by Randi Zuckerberg
The story talks about the importance of personal relationships and in- person interactions. “If attention scare as ever is a sort of currency today, then we might as well spend it cultivating meaningful experience in our lives and with our friends online as we would offline”! Mark Zuckerberg's sister is an author and media mogul in her own right. This is her first adult book (she's also published a children's book called Dot).
The introductory (and mostly autobiographical) part of Dot Complicated was a little bland (and sometimes melodramatic), but as Zuckerberg moves onto Internet etiquette and commentary on our digital age, the book picks up speed. She begins with a lengthy autobiographical section, followed by chapters on specific topics, such as friends, love and career. Each chapter offers her observations on the influence of new technology. It's easy to read and relevant to us all. Despite the fact that Zuckerberg repeats over and over again that this book is for US, it seems a little self-centered at times. Dot complicated includes not only personal reflections and experience but it offers helpful tips for achieving Tech-Life balance. Randi Zuckerberg advocated the abolition of anonymity on the Internet to protect children and young adults from cyber-bullying, saying that people hide behind their anonymity. Use of "social media," the author offers common sense statements as to how to use each type media. I would think most people have enough common sense as to how they should abide. I feel what is wrong with the social media is often-times they have misleading statements to their "customers" in which they state one thing, but when the customers buy into it (meaning clicking on a vague label,) it brings them to something different than what they expected.
You need control over your devices instead of letting them control you. Technology is a tool, and whether it creates order or chaos in your life depends on how you use it. The technology itself is neutral. It’s up to you to use it in a way that enhances your life and doesn’t detract from it. I have to agree with Randi, “Social media skills are going to become necessary in the new job marketplace. Employers are going to want to hire people who know how to use social media, rather than those who ignore it or are bad at it or do not appreciate its power. (2013 P.119) ” Best not to fall behind - nor allow your children to do so. Online, she argues, there is no longer a category of personal information; while you might post a picture to a select audience of close friends, you then lose control of its distribution since any member of that group could share the photo more widely. Zuckerberg notes that people can be cruel on the Internet -- now there's a revelation – (2013 P.237) but she advises readers to put their "big girl pants on" and "embrace the haters." Since attention is currency in the new online world order, even the attention of haters is worth "celebrating."
I found out how to be more socialized towards others as an Information Technology experience learner. I think it is probably not geared toward someone like me, a digital native who lives and breathes technology. I think this book offers much more to those who are scared or