Bottled Water Vs Tap Water Essay

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People believe that bottled water is better than tap water, but is it really? Danielle Braff mentions, “More than half of Americans drink bottled water, and one-third drink it on a regular basis, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council” (par. 1). For many people it is much easier and convenient to use water bottles. People consider bottled water considerably safer than tap water. Although many Americans believe that bottled water is safer than tap water, people should become aware of the harmful effects of plastic in bottles of water, pollution that is caused by the bottles to the environment, and how bottled water is not as stringently regulated as tap water.
For people, water bottles are much more accommodating for everyday life.
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Peter Gleick mentions, “But we often monitor tap water dozens of times a day” (par. 40). People believe that bottled water goes through more regulations and filters to be cleaner than tap water. Bottled water is filtered, but tap water is too. Sometimes bottled water is tap water that has just been filtered numerous times. Water bottles are filtered a lot and then packaged to be sold, and then after that it is usually not checked again for any contaminants that can be in the water from the water itself or the plastic. Tap water is monitored way more than bottled water is because people use it every single day. Tap water may not be used for drinking, but it is used to water plants, wash cars, inclusively for people to shower. According to Danielle Braff, “They found that about one-third of the bottles contained significant contamination with levels of chemical or bacterial contaminants exceeding those allowed under a state or industry standard or guideline in at least one test” (par. 4). People fear drinking tap water because it might be contaminated or dirty, but water can be contaminated even if it is in a plastic bottle. Tap water is regulated more often and is monitored on the source of the water, and the levels of