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Lab 3: The Integumentary System

Part A: Structures of the Integumentary System

Identify the structures that comprise the integumentary system:
1. Epidermis
2. Dermis
3. Skin Glands
4. Hair

List the functions of the skin:
1. Protection, barrier against outside
2. Protection against dehydration
3. Body Temperature Regulation
4. Sensation
5. Metabolic functions
6. Blood reservoir

Compare and contrast keratinocytes and melanocytes using the Venn diagram below:

Describe each of the following structures pertaining to the dermis:

Description and / or Function
Small nipple like projections which appears on the skin at the root of the hair, or base of a tooth.
A filamentous biomaterial that grows follicles found in the dermis. Function is protection.
Smooth muscle
Refers to muscle of the human body that is part of an involuntary muscle group. They help perform a variety of crucial tasks throughout the body.
Sebaceous glands
Small oil-producing glands in the skin. They are attached to hair follicles and release a fatty substance.
Sweat glands
One of the tubular glands of the skin that secrete sweat. Distributed in nearly all parts of the human skin.
Blood vessels
Blood leaves the heart through the arteries, which conducts oxygen to the various tissues and organs.
Sensory nerve endings
Specialized neurons that are stimulated to fire action based on chemical factors. This nerve passes impulses from receptors toward the central nervous system.
A branched cytoplasm surrounding an elliptical, speckled nucleus having one or two nucleoli. They make collagen, glycosaminoglycanes, reticular, and elastic fibers.
Mast cells
A large granular cell commonly found in connective tissues. They release heparin, histamine, and serotonin during inflammation and allergic reactions
White blood cells
A blood cells that lack gemoglobin, colorless and with nucleus. Protects the body's immune system against invading microorganisms.
Adipocytes (fat cells)
A connective tissue that contains adipocytes, fat