Bourne Identity Essay

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Bourne Identity

A wounded unconscious man is found and when awaken, he discovers that he possesses remarkable survival abilities while suffering from retrograde amnesia. Even though his memory remains sketchy at best he quickly determines that there are individuals, a group or an organization that wants him dead. The rest of the film is devoted to finding out who and what he is.
This film utilizes several different camera angles. One that I specifically recall is the close up. This was used while filming some of the car chase scenes. Another example was the flashback he is constantly fighting with his inner conflict of who he is. The film give you glimpses of an assignation attempt on a foreign dignitary while aboard a yacht at sea.
Editing this film would be very difficult because of the intense action scenes and the constant use of flash backs as the character regains bits and pieces of his memory. At the end of the movie his handler is giving him specific memory cues with the hopes of jarring some recollection of the events that transpired.
In relation to music there is one song in the movie from the artist named “mobi”. The song title is Extreme Ways. This song was used at the end of the movie and throughout the movie sequels.
The film take place mostly in the city of Paris France. There are parts of the movie where they are talking different languages and where the use of subtitles are necessary for dialog. The foreign speaking adds to the realism of them movie without added special effects.

The film was based on the novel, The Bourne Identity, by Robert Ludlum his twelfth novel released in 1980. In the book, he uses the real life individual, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, also known as Carlos