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Bowling Experience

I have had several odd experiences as I have been bowling this semester. My father and I go bowling every Sunday night usually at Poway Fun Bowl, which is located just up the 15 for about 20 min. Some nights we even go on Tuesday depending on his work schedule. It so happens to be a Tuesday is a special where pitchers of beer are only 3 dollars and there is a special deal on shoes and lanes as well. One night we were bowling and couldn’t help but to notice the lane next to us has kept ordering and ordering pitcher after pitcher. We soon realized that the group looked kind of familiar, not to mention extremely tall. As we continued to bowl, we couldn’t help to notice how hard the group was giggling and how uncoordinated each individual was on each attempt to bowl. My dad told me to sit and observe for a little. The lane next to us was just way to entertaining as more and more circled around to watch. What was obvious was as more and more pitchers came, more and more trick shots came about. Do not get me wrong here, as I said they have had to have been drinking for over a couple hours now. After a couple trick spins and realizing these guys were some sort of professionals it hit us that these men were on the Harlem Globe Trotters. I couldn’t believe it first until they explained how they had a show yesterday in San Diego, and were visiting a local friend. My dad continued to make conversation with one of the men as I watch the two others throw a 6