Bowling For Columbine Analysis

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Original Source: Pennsylvania school stabbing suspect doesn’t fit the mold
What would cause a sixteen year old boy to go on a stabbing rampage? No one knows. On April 9, 2014, Alex Hribal a student at the Murrysville, Pa., high school snapped, causing him to stab twenty of his classmate and a security guard before he was tackled by the vice principle of his school. Some speculated that it was bullying that caused him to snap and commit the crime. Many students when asked stated that he was a quiet boy who didn’t get into trouble often and had a stable home life. Even his lawyer stated that he ‘did not fit the mold’ of the crime he was accused of. His neighbors said that they were great neighbors and a great family.
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Michael visits old students, militia members, weaponry companies and even a suspected terrorist in the Oklahoma Bombing. He demonstrates for the audience how easy obtaining a gun and ammunition are in rural parts of America and states the laws around gun control. The story gives a different perspective of an outsider to the destruction that occurred on that day. Though many factors play into the causes and reasons Michael Moore was trying to spread awareness on the high homicide rate and the gun control issues in America. He was also able to help the survivors by getting the k-mart store to stop selling bullets, because that was where the boys got them. In the end k-mart stopped selling the bullets. Although you can compare the incident to the Virginia tech shooting, as they are quite similar, we will never know why these boys chose to commit these crimes. Their motives shall always remain unknown. He also goes into the sentimental meaning behind the bowling pins as they are used as target practice because they resemble the human …show more content…
On the morning of December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot and killed 20 children and 6 staff members. This documentary explores the discrepancies between what the public was being told, and what actually happened during that event. It reviews the initial police report where the police took a second shooter into custody, but no known facts about the suspect were mentioned. As well as the publication dates of different web sources published to commemorate the deceased, which were published days before the shooting happened. False information and discrepancies were also found surrounding the behaviour and actions of Adam Lanza and his mother prior to their deaths. Mark Howitt also mentions that the anonymous shooter and the first responders could possibly be agents that cooperated together to plant weapons and evidence on Adam Lanza.
This story provides details that the media and government might not always be truthful about the information they give is. It also theorises that the government will kill off innocent people and children for specific reasons in order to gain sympathy and sway the public’s opinion. As well, it provides the reader with thought that critical thinking must always be applied and that sources must always be