Bowling For Columbine Film Response Essay

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9S Grade Nine Social Studies/Health Jacob Baldry

Bowling for Columbine

Bowling for Columbine is a documentary made by Michael Moore about gun violence and guns in the United States.
Michael Moore takes to the streets of America and Canada looking at the movie’s main question of why America is such a violent country especially when guns are involved. Bowling for Columbine looks for the answers which don’t always show themselves in Michael Moore’s weird documentary style. He seems to wander from interview to interview. Where gun issues are MIchael
Moore is there. One of his first visits is a bank in Michigan that gives a rifle to anyone that opens up a new account for free. The main point of the movie is brought up by of all people, Marilyn Manson. The media targeted his rock music in the wake of Columbine as a cause but he claims that part of the reason behind America’s violent crime is the culture of fear in which we plunged ourselves. From the television show Cops to the nightly news, the stuff we see and hear about are the violent crimes. Michael Moore creates a collage of television news headlines that barrage viewers with visions of crime after crime each one hammering his point further. Michael Moore also went to the K­mart that sold the bullets that tried to kill the two boys that got shot and lived. They got surprised when K­mart decides to withdraw ammunition from their line of products in an impromptu press conference with the TV reporters he brings with him. I…