Bowling For Columbine Rhetorical Analysis

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In Bowling for Columbine. Michael Moore goes around Littleton, Colorado to find people’s perspective on the gun law and gun violence so that he can break it down into a reason why it’s necessary to even have a gun especially because of the terrible enormity in Columbine High School. In Columbine, two boys, Eric and Dylan shot thirteen people at their school. It’s just hard to understand the reason why it’s a necessity to own a gun and have it all time even despite all the securities we have such as police and ambulance service at all time. Giving a gun to everyone is going to cause more problems and they will eventually use that as a threat to innocent people. It should be prohibited and the pros of that is not very much acknowledged.
This documentary uses the rhetorical devices such as logos, pathos, and ethos. The logos would be the law of guns states
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The agencies is what caused this violence and chaos which were shot-guns and riffles seemingly purchased by their older friends considering they were not eligible to buy it themselves. They also made Pipe and propane bombs which they started in the cafeteria. They shot as many students they could. The scene was taken place in the Columbine High School in the cafeteria and library around 11:15 am and the majority of the students were simply dead because they “needed to die”. The purpose is not an accurate fact considering no one actually know why they did what they did. Eric and Dylan did enjoy shooting games but that can’t be analyzed as to the reason why; for their amusement. We can’t just say any reason or blame it on anyone else. This is the way how Moore presents his