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In the film Boy by Taika Waititi an interesting idea was adults letting children down. This is shown through Boy, Dynasty, the Principal, and Alamein and how the adult role models are abusing and letting the children down. This is shown in the scene when Dynasty is sitting in the car after she is beaten, the principal talking to boy in the corridor and when boy confronts his father. I found this interesting because it relates to the real life issue of adults letting children down all over the world.

When Boy is in the corridor with the principal, the principal offers to talk to boy about some of the problems he as been having at school but once Boy starts getting into the conversation and opening up to the principal, he says “ Its 3:30 mate, I’m off duty.” And leaves him. This is letting boy down because he simply can’t be bothered talking to him, he could have easily stayed for a few minutes and talked to boy for a bit longer but chooses not to and leaves. From this I understood that boy has no father like character to interact with and is trying to fill that role with another person. Boys facial expression showed disappointment and sadness, this helped me understand that boy has no adult role model or someone he can talk and look up to about his problems at school.

Dynasty is given the task to harvest marijuana as a child and give it to her father. Boy’s dad then steals the marijuana plants and her parents beat her. After Dynasty gets beaten, her parents are letting her down and abusing and hurting her. This is shown through her disappointed and worried facial expression when she is sitting in the car outside the pub. This helped me understand that her parents take their frustration out on her. The camera angle and lighting is clever film technique in the way it shows her black eye injury while having the background darker so the black eye is the main focus of the shot.