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Individual Teamwork Skills Template
Prerequisites: Prior to working on this assignment, you will have worked with your team for Units 8, 9, and 10 and completed the teamwork activity. Once your team’s proposal document is posted into your team’s Unit 10 discussion topic (u10d1) and you agree with it, proceed to completing this assignment observing the template’s instructions. Thank you!
Your name:
Ta'Kita Boykin
Your role for the team activity:
IT Manager- Team Leader
Your team name:
Jolt & Bolt Coffee
Note: You do not send your plan or your team’s proposal with this assignment. Instead, please complete the requested items on this template.
Congratulations on your mastery of virtual teamwork skills! In Units 8–10, you have participated on a team with your individual contributions. After you have agreed with your team’s final proposal posted in u10d1, compose the four items requested on this template.
Specifically, reflect on your experience as a team member and respond to the following four questions. Important: Be sure to elaborate your compositions to clearly demonstrate your mastery. Suggested word count is 100 words for each essay, which will result with approximately 400 total words.

Essay 1: During Units 8, 9, and 10, what were your contributions to the final proposal?
My contributions to the team Jolt & Bolt Coffee was being the team leader and the Information Technology Manager. Being a team leader is not an easy job. It comes with a lot of hard work and dedication and understanding. And being a leader over grown adults can cause confusion and frustration which in some terms can lead to competition. My contributions to the team were to lead my team mates effectively and efficiently on this business proposal. It was my job to make sure that everything ran smoothly. It was also my job to keep the team together as an unit.

Essay 2: Overall, how would you rate your level of commitment to the requirements?
On a scale from 0 to 10, I would rate myself an 8. I contributed some, but I knew that I could do more. I did my share of work. I tried my best to communicate with teammates. I wanted them to express their feelings and thoughts. I wanted them to feel like they were apart of something. I made sure when they made suggestions, I listened and that I was committed and consistent. And lastly, I made sure I was reliable and dependable whenever they needed me. Those requirements were the same requirements that I expected out of my teammates.

Essay 3: Overall, did your level of contributions result with your teammates to consider you as helpful and with good follow-through? Explain why or why not.
I want to believe that my level of contributions resulted in being