Boy's Life Fable Analysis

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After reading both stories "Boy's Life" And "Emancipation: A Life Fable" they were similar and different in many ways. In the story ''Boy's Life" it’s about this kid names Corey that wants to get off school and wants summer to start already he has been waiting so long to feel free and he is waiting until it’s time to get out of school. The teacher is also telling them that just because its summer break they can’t stop reading and that their brains have been working hard this year and they can’t stop working.

In the story "Emancipation: A Life Fable" It’s about this animal that was born and he was born into a new world. He was born in a cage where they take care of him. But he is in the cage all the time, so he didn’t feel free he couldn’t do anything just be in the cage all day. He has awoken one day and the door of his cage was wide open, he wants to be free but he was scared to see what’s in the outside world so he stayed in his cage even though he wanted to get out of his cage. Another time his cage is open and he just wants to be free just like the story "Boy's Life"

Both stories have a similar theme because in both stories they want to get out of school and the other wants to get off his cage and they
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but its taking so long. he just keeps looking at the clock thing when am I going to be free and finally the bell rings and he thinks that he is finally free. In the story ''Emancipation; A life Fable" the animal was born in this cage and he has never been out of it before and unlike Corey he doesn’t know when he is going to get out of his cage until he wakes up one day and sees his cage door open so he thinks to himself if he should run out of his cage but he is scared. then finally he just runs out of his cage and he is