Boyz: Agriculture and Neolithic Revolution Essay

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Andrew A Gilliand.

Throughout history, many changes have occurred in the way food is produced. Some of the major changes occurred during the Neolithic Revolution and the Green Revolution these changes in food production had political, social, economic effects on societies and regions.
People went from food gathering to food production. At first man had to gather food to survive because he did not know how to make of grow his own food. This was ok but it was very hard to survive because sometimes food was very hard to find because of winter or snow. Some did not survive. This was the Neolithic Revolution. Then man went to the Green Revolution this means that man would now grow or breed his own food instead of just trying to find it. (Document 1.)
In the Green Revolution man went to permanent villages because he did not have to move around and fallow where the food went. This was a lot easier to live so the pollution grew and formed cultures and civilizations. Then man started trading for goods and economy formed. (Document 2.) AS civilizations grew the need for jobs also grew and a writing system was created. The writing system was pictures or symbols scratched into clay tablets. People used this writing to keep track of records for food, economy, government, etc. Not everyone could write. The people that could write were called scribes they had to take classes to learn how to write. This made it a lot easier to keep track of everything because if you forgot you