Bp Functions of Management Essay

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British Petroleum (BP): Functions of Management MGT330: Management for Organization Marsha Bicknell February 18, 2013 Instructor: Aaron Bangerter

British Petroleum (BP): Functions of Management

British Petroleum (BP) is a service station offering different types of products to a diversity of customers. As an employee or cashier working for British Petroleum (BP), a person can see how sales reports and the ordering of products are part of the five functions for effective management. Taking a closer look into the five functions, such as planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling for effective management we can see how they are incorporated by the BP, where I work.
Since, I begin work at this BP I have noticed
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Most customers and clientele are in hurry and want to be able to grab the snack or drink they want and check out.
Our shelves are basically arranged in a departmentalization order. Chips are displayed in one area, cakes and cookies in another, and candy in two different areas. We have several coolers where soda and energy drinks are display beside our main cooler where beer and milk is displayed. The way the products are displayed are similar to departmentalization of product.
At the end of a shift we are required to run a close shift report. This report allows us and manager to see the different products which have been sold through be broken down into departments. Here again a person see the departmentalization of product being used. At the end of the day, the retail clerk on duty is required to run an close dally report which is also use the departmentalization of product.
The manager inputs the amounts form our reports into a program on his computer. This allows him to check the progress of sales per cashier. He then can instruct the cashier or retail clerk of errors that should be corrected. The manager is also responsible for the training for new hires. The manager is also responsible for and does provide training for new steps when our register system has been updated.