Bp Management and Strategies Research Paper

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British Petroleum and Recommendations for Improvement and Success

This paper will look at British Petroleum, BP, one of the largest oil companies in the world. Following the Gulf Oil Spill does BP have sustainability in this market? This paper will examine the early history of the company. It will look at the competitive advantages of the organization by looking at its SWOT analysis. The company’s market strategy will be examined including its growing interest into alternative fuels. Its internal structure will be compared to the persona that BP is trying to convey that they are a globally friendly company with interests in developing low and no carbon emission fuels.

British Petroleum, BP, is one of the largest oil and
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There are threats BP should be concerned with as well. As touched on above, their PR state is a weakness and opportunity, but also a threat. This is listed in three places because BP is at a turning point. They can both shore up their safety measures throughout their organization and help communities or they can keep on their current track record. If their track record continues of cutting corners where safety is concerned, there is a greater chance for more suspensions and fewer opportunities in the United States. This could kill BP’s bottom line and ultimately destroy the company. Pending litigation and possible future litigation from the Gulf oil spill is another threat to BP. BP has already been slapped with federal fines of over $4 billion and has spent billions in cleanup. There is still a chance for future civil litigation on the part of states and residents affected. BP is also having issues in Russia. BP’s 50% stake in TNK-BP is unraveling and has added billions in liability to BP’s books. Also a threat, is the condition of the regions that possess the largest oil deposits. Continued unrest in the Middle East has caused problems in the extraction and transportation of oil products. If tensions between Israel and Arab nations escalate any further, all oil production in the region is in danger. Lastly, the