Essay on Bp Oil Spill

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BP oil spill is ranked as the largest environmental disaster in the world history. As the oil from BP spill washes ashore, people on Gulf Coast are suffering huge damages they have never met before. The U.S. government estimates that up to 60,000 barrels of oil a day are spewing out from the damaged BP drilling rig to Gulf of Mexico. It has ruined the shoreline, killed animal and sea life, threaten the ecosystem and harmed the tourism and fishing in Louisiana. After the spilling happened, US government and BP has been struggling for plugging the hole deep under the water which is known as Top-kill, but failed. Right after the leak happened, the Obama administration has claimed that BP alone has to take the whole responsibility of the oil …show more content…
According to Kant theory about “respect for person” , BP did morally wrong since they did not put human beings in the first , instead, what they are looking for is only the profits. BP has a duty to defend the environment they are working with. Referred to Kantian theory, humans have a correlative duty to respect and promote the development of another’s capacity to freely and rationally choose for him. For BP, when they tried to save the cost on drilling, it destroyed the development of others. What they have done is a violation of people’s negative right because people are forced to ruin their career and their normal life. Referred to The Social Cost View, Manufacturer should pay the costs of all injuries caused by defect in a product even if exercised due care. Thus, BP should pay for all of the damages suffered in Golf area. However, it is argued that offshore oil drilling is inherently dirty and dangerous, and the government must establish a permanent moratorium on it in order to protect the citizens living around. But government did not do their job enough. BP should pay for the bill for its recklessness, while Obama government should take some responsibility at the same time.

Obama Administration

First, According to Bradford (2010), Obama’s original decision to pursue drilling made the drill more likely to happen. Back to 2008, Democrats had a serious