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Baseline Project Plan Report Introduction
Non-Profit came to us requesting a proposal to start up a web-site for their organization. Revenues from donations have fallen off in past years. A web-site will increase donations and revenue with increased awareness and availability.
Our goal is to keep current members aware of contribution opportunities and increase awareness to the general public in regard to Non-profits goals and projects, which in turn will create more revenue.
A web-site will be created that will increase awareness of the Non-profit association which will entice new donations and increased revenue from existing members.
By implementing a web-site that is available around the clock the Non-profit will increase awareness of organizational functions, see improved information dissemination, and increased revenue.
The project overview
The project will include design, installation, and maintenance of the web-site. Maintaining the web application may be better suited to an outside agency. This may prove to be more cost effective in the long run due to equipment and labor cost involved. You could possibly spend money and time to train a current employee to design and start up the new web-site. Or you could utilize a current IT employee to take over the project. This may require considerable time away from the normal duties maintained by the current IT personnel.
There will be 3 main deliverables for this project: Training procedures, Web design layout, and Web-site start-up.
The estimated duration of this project is 3 months.
Feasibility Assessment
-Having a web-site available around the clock will increase donation opportunities
-Technical: Most aspects can be resourced out for nominal cost.
-Operation costs are minimal. Up-dating information can be in house or resourced out. Keeping intact your current donation system will not affect the cost analysis of this project in the long run.
-Misrepresentation of the scope of your Non-profit views and responsibilities will lower costs of potential legal fees.
-Your Board of Directors may feel disengaged from the new members as to the organization and operation of business.
-The time frame for the web-site to be up and fully functional is 3 months. There after monthly maintenance should be performed to up-date software and or information.

This is a great investment opportunity for your Non-profit. It will not only increase donation revenues it will also offer greater information dissemination, which in turn will increase donations by new members.

You will find that the attached excel worksheet provides break-down of all the cost associated with the start-up of your new web-site.
Management Information
A. Team members would consist of Project Manager, IT personnel from Non-Profit, CEO of organization, and a few end users.
B. All communications will be documented immediately as they occur via email receipt, video, audio recording, or written form.
C. All deliverables will be previewed by the project team before implementation. All steps will be signed off on by each team member before implementation
D. Decision to out-source web management and maintenance may be found to be too costly. In house site manager and maintenance may prove to be more cost efficient and productive.

I would point out that documented communications would assure that the project, during each stage, was fully understood and agreed upon by all members of the committee. That misunderstanding could easily be clarified via communications that were agreed upon at the moment of inception.

We can break the costs…