Braaap Motorcycles: Key Characteristics of Products and Services and Their Effect on the Market Essay

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Unit name: Establish and adjust the marketing mix

Unit No: BSBMKG502B

Assessment name: Evaluate and determine the marketing mix

Assessment No: 1

Date: 15/10/2012

Student No: ANC120188

Student name: Hantong Xiao

Trainer: Ram Introduction

In this assessment I will talk about how the braaap organisation identifies the key characteristics of products and services and their effect on the market. At braaap their main product is superlight motorcycle’s design and test in Australia. Also they organized superlight riding and racing, and how braaap run a business online and how it is success. Products and services

All braaarp motorcycles are design and tested in Australia, because it is an online shop they got a well
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Their bike are high Quality, also they can teach people how to fix their bike, people always make them things broken in mind or out mind so when you teach them how to fix it, it make much more good feelings on your stuff. At online store there have lots of product is on sale, they put lower price to Attract people to purchase, always make people want shop in the shops and on sale is the best way to do it, when you stuff on sale people would like buy it and tell their friends come to buy one in this way can get much more customers with their good service can got lots of repeat customers, this means your shop is good and you don’t need worry about no customers come to shop. They have gift registry for customers, customers log in can get gift from braaap, it’s can promote more people to be their club member. People

The bike from braaarp, can satisfaction customer individual needs, because you can choose your own plastics colour and sticker kits. Also, braaarp’s on line store do also sale different parts of the bike, so you can buy anything you want and add anything you want you can make your own bike by your hands and put what you want and what you like appear on the bike can make you more comfortable, every bike is not for one person it is make for group of people, so braaap’s idea is quiet good for customers, people don’t want to see the other one have the same things for me it is, build own bike is good.Their staff can teach you how