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Brad Pitt’s relationships failed because he is a cheater, as shown in documents three, four and five, he falls in love too fast, as shown in documents one, two and three, and he is commitment shy, as shown in documents one, two and five. In watching lots of Pitt’s movies, you can see he tends to be a rough, tough, independent guy like his character in the movie Fight Club. This could carry over to how his relationships are handled, because he always rushes into them without understanding how they must take time, and not everything can work out perfectly. In the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith for example, he enjoys another happy ending, so he assumes his real life should turn out the same without the investment of time and patience. That movie was a “survival of the fittest” roller coaster of violence between husband and wife, who both happened to be assassins. Do couples who have interests in destroying the other always come together in love at the end? Brad Pitt evidently thinks so, but in real life the odds are against it.
Brad Pitt’s relationships fail because he is a cheater as shown in documents three, four and five. Document three, a source from Wikipedia, “Brangelina”, said Pitt cheated on Aniston, his wife of a previous marriage, by having an affair with Jolie, another wife to be. The anonymous member who wrote this article on Wikipedia went on to quote “It was alleged that the couple had started an affair while Pitt was still married to Jennifer Aniston”. The evidence was known by thousands of writers and many TV reporters. Brad’s habit for changing roles after a short time bled over to his real life when he felt it was time to change leading ladies. His life mirrored not only his characters, but also his habit of going from one movie to the next. Of course, this could have been written by a paid writer of Aniston’s, or one of her fans, in an effort to prove her innocence. In document four, the main picture of US Magazine has as its May 16th, 2007 headline, “Shiloh Was No Accident,” illustrating Jolie admitted she planned to get pregnant while Brad was still married to Aniston. This document is from one of the most trusted magazine companies in the United States. The author wrote this to convince readers that Jolie was not innocent in the affair. The writer was successful in showing how Jolie and Pitt actually had an affair. Pitt once again found himself in a drama that was playing out in the press. What was supposed to be a covert affair, had been exposed like a turning point in a movie. Document five, “”, goes even further and gives the worst and perhaps most damaging news when it tells that “Brad had slipped away to visit ex-wife Aniston while she was filming a movie.” This proves how Pitt is irresponsible in his relationships. This article was written by author on a celebrity gossip site, who could have been working on Aniston’s set. What is known, an author from this site is not to be taken too seriously. However, there is the common theme that Brad Pitt does not know who exactly he wants to have a long-term relationship with and treats his significant others like ever changing leading ladies. It would be interesting for Brad Pitt’s love life to be a case study for a psychology article explaining how the “movie star life” can adversely become a person’s “real life”. Another reason Brad Pitt’s relationships fail is because he falls in love too fast, as shown in documents one, two and three. The source in People Magazine, document one, says “He got caught up in the frenzy of getting married, but he didn’t really want to. He hadn’t had a second to think about what’s going on.” Pitt shows that he was not ready and rushed into another relationship without thinking it through. The author seemed to have an insider in the Pitt camp, otherwise he could not have gotten theses statements from people so close to Pitt. The point is, the article seems one-sided in favor of Pitt, however it confirms that Pitt