Brad Pitt and Cabin Essay

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Haley Ballweber
ASC 87
April 7, 2010

The Lake neighborhood

Do any of you have a house, Lake Cabin, or land by a movie star? Well my family has a cabin that is two cabins down from Brad Pit. We have a cabin on Gull Lake in Brainerd Minnesota. We have an amazingastonishing lake view. There’s a tourist shopping mall that’s fun for all ages. My cabin has a lot of things on the property to keep busy. There are also huge houses and there are many people that go there all year round.
If you want to get out for a day on the town, this Nisswa is the place to go. They have many cool shops. Some stores you can take a class for a day and learn a tradeskill. There’s a candy store called the Chocolate Ox and they have anything from a pea size gobstopper to biggerlarger than a softball size. It’s a great place to get ice cream. They have a purse store that has over 800 purses and there all different! Once a year there are turtle races in the parking lot of the shops and you get a metal if you win and your picture goes in the paper and on a bulletin board so that others can see the year’s winner.
My cabin is made out of mahogany logs. It’s a blast to go there in rain or shine. There are so many things to both in and out doors. My favorite thing in our cabin is out spiral stair case. It leads up to my bedroom along with the balcony that’s up stairs. By my mom and dad’s room is our eight person hot tub. It is fun if it’s cold out or just to relax in. Outside we have our ten foot pool and inside the pool house in a bathroom and a sauna. One time there was a bear that broke in to our pool and scraped up the walls and broke some of the pool lighting. The scratches are still on the wood fence