Bradberry Assignment 2 Essay

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Designing a Compelling Professional Presentation – Assignment 2
Kenneth Bradberry
Jack Welch Management Institute
Professor Ardith Bowman
JWI 505
November 16, 2014

Abstract Presentations can be great tools to communicate ideas, products and services to customers and colleagues alike. Tools like Microsoft PowerPoint provide a variety of functions to create a wide range of presentations that includes text and graphics. I believed at the beginning of this course that creating an effective presentation with tools like PowerPoint was more than an art than a science. After reading the course materials, especially Munter, Guide to Managerial Communication (2012), I can have realized that there is formula based on the presentation type that can provide an interesting and effective presentation using PowerPoint or any tool. In my profession I deal with hospital executive management and Physician’s and clinical leadership teams on a regular basis

My presentations are typically professional and technical in nature, so my challenge is to communicate these complex ideas and concepts to an audience are on both sides of the spectrum. Executives want simple, easy to absorb information with relevant facts backed up by evidence, such as statistics, measurements or business relevant information. Physician typically want to understand how it relates to their core mission, delivering patient care and staying compliant with healthcare IT best practices. Duarte’s Five Rules could be especially useful when crafting a presentation for this type of audience. The presentation I have submitted for this assignment attempts to leverage those ideas with meaningful content that follow those best practices.
I start the presentation with an attention grabber and a WIIFT reference, which was great advice from the discussion board in week five. In this slide I point out what is possible with clinical transformation and how it can directly impact a physician’s workflow and quality. One of the real challenges in the healthcare provider market is the meaningful use and effective use of technology to increase quality of care and reduce the errors and cost associated with treating a patient. My attention grabber for my audience is that I can provide solutions that enhance a caregiver’s ability to focus on the point of care. I then follow with an agenda in slide 3 that is brief and to the point, providing the objectives of the presentation and then the relevant topics I want to discuss during the presentation. My presentation objectives highlight what presentation is designed to inform and teach to the audience. My intent as illustrated in the video Duarte Design’s Five Rules for Presentations (Duarte 2014) is the treat the audience as kings and queen’s for that matter by presenting material that will be very useful and informative. Communicating the objectives clearly helps accomplish that goal.

Illustrating the Point
When we get to Slide 5 I begin to define structure of clinical workflow transformation. This slide focuses on the layers of the solution or what is called the stack. Each one of these items has a detailed description and depending on