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Bradford Health
Angela Green
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Bradford Health Services drug treatment center is a treatment facility located in Madison, AL. that a person can enter in order to treat a drug addiction or alcoholism problem. “Bradford Health Services has been treating alcoholism and drug addiction for more than 30 years”(About - Bradford Health (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from The primary goal for Bradford Health Services is to stay abstinent from alcohol and mind altering drugs but they will also treat eating disorders, Psychiatric illness, Adolescent Rehab & Care, and many other specialty services. “The ultimate goal of treatment is to help patients and their families become better functioning and more productive without the use of alcohol or other drugs” (About - Bradford Health (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from The inability to control their drinking or drug use, alienating their friends and family, legal problems, severe depression and general unhappiness due to excessive drug or alcohol use are just a few reasons why a person would seek help at Bradford. In addition to substance abuse services for adult patients, the Madison facility also has an adolescent inpatient program. “Both the adult and adolescent inpatient programs provide a safe, protected, supervised environment for the best recovery experience of the patient and peace of mind for their loved ones” (Madison, AL - Bradford Health. (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from Bradford is a company that is dedicated to the delivery of high-quality care at a reasonable cost and about helping people and families achieve recovery in a responsive and compassionate manner” (About - Bradford Health (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from
Addiction is an illness that can tear families apart, and destroy your life. At Bradford they have spiritual, emotional, and physical support to help you during your recovery. “All patients receive a multidisciplinary assessment to determine the need for treatment and Medical detoxification and medical stabilization are provided 24 hours a day as needed” (Adult Care - Bradford Health. (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from Families are encouraged to join the patient in learning about addiction and what they can do to help. Recovery is a process that should not be rushed and can take up to a year to recover. Drug rehab can be very expensive. It all depends on the type of rehab you need and the location. Most rehabs accept Private Pay Drug Rehab, Drug Rehab Private Insurance, and Military Insurance. Entering a drug rehab can be very private and personal matter and for some quiet embarrassing. “The privacy policies for rehab facilities are quite stringent. Because of this, it is difficult to obtain the exact numbers concerning how many individuals seek treatment each year (Drug Rehab Statistics, Rehabilitation Stats. (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from “Drug abuse is not limited to one type of drug. No single drug is worse or better than another when the abuse begins to tear away the foundation of a family, but there are various types of drugs of abuse spread throughout the drug using community” (Drug Rehab Statistics, Rehabilitation Stats. (n.d.). Retrieved December 2, 2014, from

Treatment Services
Adolescent Rehab & Care
Treatment and a continuum of care specifically designed to address the unique needs of adolescents and the families who love them.
Adult Care
Bradford Health Services offers a well-designed continuum of care approach to treating adults with alcohol and drug dependency.
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Our Help-Line is answered 24 hours a