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In a sense, exercise is a daily necessity. The rule is simple, you don’t exercise, and you’ll get fat. You see women and men with six abs and a flat stomach on magazines and you wonder when you will be like them, then you look down at your muffin top or (lack of abs) and give yourself a distressful sigh. But flash news here, spending an hour exercising daily seems easy enough because that’s all you need to do to get fit. But the real work here, the special ingredient to this recipe of a hot body is, determination.

The smell, the sound, the excitement, the bliss. The sudden realization of the sweet sound of your door bell ringing. That high note at the end adds a charming ring to the lower note rung with fresh joy. Never have you been expecting this person so much in your life. You’ve probably have never even met him. You don’t know what he looks like, what he wears, heck he might even be a she. For the past thirty minutes, the yearning of this person’s arrival makes your body tremble. Your stomach was starting to protest as it gave up on you but the ring gave it hope. You ran to the door and flung it open as if there was a small parade waiting to welcome this beloved stranger. And the moment he spoke, his affable voice carried words that makes you swoon, “Pizza delivery.”

My cousin and I live in different countries. I first knew him as a skinny eleven years old boy when I was six. By the next time I see him, he was 17, a good foot taller than I was with tan skin and a hot blonde girlfriend. Since the rise of smart phones and social apps, I was able to see more of him through the photos he take. 6’1, brown red skin from too much sun exposure, brawny, not so brainy, still the same face yet each of his arms were twice the size of his leg. Here’s a valuable lesson my brethren, never skip a leg day. Nevertheless, the physical changes he went through shows his great determination. The amount of work and time he spent working on his body is countless. He’s still goes to the gym on a daily basis now. As for me, the only reason why I do exercises is because I am about to eat something I’ll regret if I don’t. It’s not that I don’t have determination, it’s just that I have my eyes on a different prize: food.

Mmmmmmmm, stuffed crust… The salty bacon gives the white meat a special flavor, the sweet and tangy zing of ranch compliments the meat on meat combination wonderfully. What could be more satisfying than filling your stomach with a nice slice of hot chicken bacon ranch on a bed of melted mozzarella? Another piece of pizza. After a hard day of work, I believe everyone deserves a nice treat. Whether it’s a warm bubble bath, a movie marathon