Essay on Brain and Cognitive Process

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Sam Lesser
Question 3.7. Discuss the use of technology in investigation cognitive processes One main assumption related to the cognitive process of psychology is that mental processes can and should be investigated scientifically. Advances in technology have not only given the cognitive process of psychology creditability and reliability, but have allowed researchers to gain a more in depth understanding of how the brain works; more specifically, what the function is of each part of the brain. The cognitive process refers to, in short, the functions of the brain that can not be observed physically. The use of MRI’s, which take a 3 Dimensional photo of the brain is used to detect structural changes in the brain in cases of damage to the brain or illness. The MRI scan was used to study H.M.’s lesion, and because of the ability to scientifically observe H.M.’s brain, this study was a breakthrough in cognitive science. The results of the MRI scan confirmed a relationship between the temporal lobe (which was damaged in a surgery that led to H.M.’s sever case of anterograde amnesia) and the amnesia itself. The EEG and MEG refers to the recording of the brain’s electrical signals, and was used in Palva et al (2010) experiments on working memory to investigate the interaction of neuronal networks in relation to visual working memory. There are many strengths of using modern technology to investigate the cognitive processes, such as the fact that it provides the opportunity to