Brain and Function Writing Assignment Essay

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Brain Function Writing Assignment: Competency #2 Biological Influence on Behavior. Think of an everyday activity. Going through the activity identify the regions of the brain that are activated throughout the activity. Specify exactly how the region is being utilized during the activity. The following rubric identifies the point breakdown for the assignment.

Professional (Highest Standards Met)
Adequate (Minimum Standards Met)
Needs Work (Not all Standards are Met)
Activity clearly defined
An inviting introduction that draws the reader in
Activity defined
The paper has a recognizable introduction but may not create a strong sense of anticipation or direction
Activity not clearly defined
There is no real lead in to set up the paper.
All necessary brain structures identified
The paper is complete and leaves no important aspect not addressed
Details are effective, vivid, explicit, and pertinent
Most brain structures are identified.
The paper is substantially complete, but more than one important aspect of the topic is not addressed.
Terminology is sometimes incorrectly or imprecisely used.
Many relevant brain structures are not included.
The paper is clearly incomplete with many important aspects of the topic left out.
Information is presented in a logical interesting sequence that is easy for the audience to follow.
Organized from beginning to end, clear focus, fluent, cohesive
Establishes and maintains clear purpose,