Brain: Cerebrum and Temporal Lobe Essay example

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It was too loud verbal and non verbal sounds are processed in different parts of the temporal lobe. Verbal sounds are processed on the left hemisphere and non verbal sounds, such as music which is what John was hearing, is processed in the right hemisphere. The primary cortex that is involved is the primary auditory cortex. The right auditory cortex is involved with processing the music that John was hearing. The division of the nervous system which this action is apart of is the peripheral nervous system (autonomic) because it is an involuntary action and John would not be able to control if something was too loud for him or not.

Concentrating on comprehending the song lyrics
The left hemisphere specializes in verbal functions, which includes understanding speech. And John was concentration on understanding the song lyrics of the music is sister was playing. The temporal lobe is locate at the bottom side of each hemisphere and is associated with auditory perception. Auditory perception is being able to understand and perceive sounds, which is what John was doing. The sounds/lyrics he is processing is apart of the auditory cortex. This processes the auditory sensation but it cannot be understood until the Wernicke’s area processes the information. This are is involved in speech production and has a crucial role in comprehending speech (interpreting the sounds of human speech). Wernicke’s area is on the temporal lobe on the left side. It would be apart of the central nervous system because this involves the brain and spinal cord where as the peripheral involves the organs and transports senses to the brain and just brings the stuff in.

Itch on his left foot
Johns right hemisphere is involved with an itch on his left foot. Both hemispheres do the same thing but because it was on his left foot, it is the right brain that processes it.. The parietal lobe is processing his senses, which is the itch on his foot. This lobe receives and processes sensory information from the body and skin and other sensory areas in the brain. There is a strip of cortex called the primary somatosensory cortex located parallel and behind to the primary motor cortex. This receives and processes sensory information from the skin and body enabling bodily sensations to be perceived. In this scenario the bodily sensation that was being perceived in this cortex is an itch on his foot. The division of the nervous system which is involved in this action is the peripheral(somatic) nervous system because sensory information is being transmitted to the brain and back to the body’s voluntary skeletal muscles, and the foot is apart of the skeletal nervous system.

Johns action of writing is being processed in the left hemisphere because that hemisphere is responsible for language and writing abilities. The left parietal lobe is where John’s ability to write is being processed in. Academic abilities such as reading, writing and language are all involved with this lobe. This action is apart of the somatic nervous system because sensory information is received inwards towards the CNS and motor messages from the CNS to the body’s voluntary skeletal muscles, which is what is being used for John’s action to write.

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