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Counselors as Companions
After reading the article, I believe that the counselor learned a lot from Steve. He learned that he could not push someone who is not pushing themselves. A person must be willing to overcome any challenges they are facing in order to move on and achieve their goals. He learned that he could not just be a shoulder to lean on. You must be willing to walk side by side with your client while they are facing these challenges, help them to understand why they must achieve their goals. It is not only for the client but for the people that love them and for the people that said they could not achieve their goals. He learned that you can never assume you know someone’s story. There are so many different scenarios, you have to have an open mind and an open heart as well.
As a counselor dealing with a client like Steve and having the relationship they had, I believe that the behavior does change with future clients. You become more understanding, compassionate, you want to give it as much as you can so that you know you helped this person the best way you could. You give the client a chance to set their own goals and just be there for them while they achieve them.
Most people you come in contact with do change you depending on the person. Steve was an inspiration. The article made me cry. It made me feel like if he can do it, I can do it. So when you meet people who inspire you, you begin to evaluate yourself and try to figure out what it is you need to start doing or stop doing to be an inspiration as well. Some people are very easily influenced so when you meet certain people and you hear their story, weather good or bad, you watch how they overcome these obstacles with the challenges that are supposed to stop them. They keep pushing and fighting, it just makes you want to push harder.
I would not say that Steve changed. He was faced with these challenges from the beginning and had been pushing forward before the relationship started. He was always determined. I believe that he definitely benefited from the relationship with his counselor because his counselor was always so honest with him, always being there for him and helping him with the resources he needed to achieve his goals. He helped Steve to realize that if he had already overcome so much why stop now. He helped him to keep pushing forward no matter what anyone had to say because apparently that did not matter anyway. Steve knew that he was not just accomplishing these goals for himself. He knew from the start that choosing the long path would be challenging and his counselor was there to walk with him side by side as he continued on that long path.
These standards are very important to follow as you begin to work with individuals, families, groups, and communities because it helps to build the relationship between client and counselor. They know that the counselor has boundaries they cannot over step so it might give them a sense of control over the situation so they feel more comfortable with the counselor. References
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