Brain Hempispheres Essay

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The Brain by Hemispheres

The brain is the most important component of the nervous system and is by far one of the most complex and fascinating of all organs in the human body. In the last decade, cognition that the left and right hemispheres of the brain exhibit different mental patterns has garnered public attention and resulted in many theories and studies. Different studies and experimentations into these ideas have shown that the two hemispheres of the brain are responsible for different mannerisms. The right brain-left brain theory derived from the work of Roger W. Sperry. While studying epilepsy and the effects it has on people he discovered by cutting the corpus collosum reduced chances of seizures. Over the last 30 years the concept of left brain vs. right brain functioning has obtained wide spread popularity in the scientific research fields. The entirety of this concept emphasizes the differences between the two hemispheres which ultimately determine a person’s nature. It is important for us to study and understand the overall biology of the brain when studying this topic. This will help in the understanding of the different parts of the brain and location of the different hemispheres as well. Individuals whom are left brain dominant are usually looked upon to be more intelligent than those who are right brain dominant. The characteristic traits that usually follow being left brain dominant are being analytical, logical, rational, sequential, and objective. This helps these left brained people focus on details of subjects while attention is always focused on how more than what when things are in priority. This benefits them because they are capable of getting into the guts of a subject and analyzing them and helps to come to a conclusion instead of those who grasp a subject and wonder how things are happening instead of the big question “how”. This generally happens because left brained learners are generally more verbal while right brained learners are generally more visually focused. Right brained thinkers are usually regarded as visionaries. When individuals think of the right side of the brain they think of visionary, intuitive, random, and subjective. Right brain thinkers generally are creative and sway towards doing their own thing. The right side thinkers generally approach concepts with an outside of the box peace of mind which allows for subjectivity. Usually they take a fundamental approach to situations and attempt to synthesize their surroundings and resources to gain a complete experience of the situation. Majority of the time they work well in a team led environment due to the fact that they can appreciate what other members of the team can contribute to the overall learning. Both hemispheres of the brain process information in different ways. Generally, information that is processed using your dominant hemisphere of the brain, the learning process is improved when all of the senses are being used which includes using the less dominant hemisphere. With much practice you can improve your learning skills and get much better at using both hemispheres of your brain. When the left side of the brain processes information it does so in a linear manner. This means that it puts the pieces together and arranges them in logical order than making its conclusion to the problem. The right brain processes from whole to part also known as holistically. It looks at the big picture first and does not look at the fine details. Those who are right brain dominant generally have troubles following lectures because they do not have the big picture first. The left brain processes information in sequence. Commonly, left brained people are schedulers and are very adamant on planning things. The left brain works in the linear and sequential manner when processing math and also when following directions. On the contrary the right brained individuals approach things in