Brain Plasticity Case Study

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Case Study Assignment #7 Brain plasticity in the brain is a neuroplasticity, which is a reflection of the brain’s ability to change its structure and function throughout one own lifetime. This is shown through these different areas like the way the nervous system is visible across the different levels of the brain as it is functioning through the genetic, neuronal and the synaptic, as it functions together as a whole system. Through these different processes it makes different changes in the different areas, such as it talked about the structural changes in the axon terminals for example. Through reading and learning all of this process, it looks like the brain makes the changes its self to the loss of vision as in this area to make up for the changes needed to function and make up for the loss.

The ability to see is one of our greatest gifts. Most of us never have a problem with our sight, other than having to wear glasses. We can see minute objects, experience color, and take in vast panoramas without a thought that something could go wrong. Unfortunately, a number of medical conditions can affect your vision. The loss of one’s sight is the ability of people who are cortically blind due to lesions in their striate cortex, also known as primary visual cortex or V1, to respond to visual stimuli that they do not consciously see Challenges the common belief that perceptions must enter consciousness to affect our behavior; it shows that our behavior can be guided by sensory information of which we have no conscious awareness. These changes to a person change their entire world; they have to relearn everything they have ever done from a

whole other sense. Losing one’s sight would enable a person in a lot of ways and have to learn to depend on others around them to help them. By this a person would have to learn to use their other sense like smell and hearing to better get around and get things done for them self to be better independent.

The term consciousness is often used to describe a state of awareness. “He regained