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Brainstorming about things I will talk about in my Reflection

Our individual behaviour portrayed Motivation from the Mars model of individual behaviour Team was motivated to be the team that will survive the winter survival challenge so we all thought about what items will be the most useful and what is most important (Goal-oriented to do better than all the other groups)

My friend from the group that I knew before forming our group was really insightful on survival tips because she had read and watched a lot of survival genre movies and books so she knew some of the things like stuffing newspaper into your clothing to keep you warm and that showed competencies because of her superior knowledge.

Had a good time getting along and arguing over creating our master list because we were all girls so we agreed and we picked a leader (lileya) who was the most insightful so we took her word for numbering off items on the in the order she suggested

Personality played a relatively important role in our team because Lileya who we chose as the group leader was very talkative and she was throwing her ideas at us and then giving explanations on why she thinks what item should be where and she had conversations not related to the discussion.

The other members in the group mostly just agreed with what she had to say and then moved on to other conversations

We did not have an introduction in the beginning which is why I was not much involved in the random conversations going on after we had made our list and I noticed throughout our discussion we all just said what we had written and then replaced it with where Lileya had placed her item on the list.

We were all very agreeable because we agreed with Lileya’s choice and we were caring as we cared to hear where others had put that same item on the list


Lileya and Amenda were probably more openness to experience since Amenda was curious with why Lileya had put certain items in a certain order and and Lileya was more imaginative.

I would say Lileya was very extroversion since she was very talkative and me and Vanessa were not as talkive and social so we were introversion

Social Identity Theory – Everyone has a self-concept that is identified by a set of attributes and I believe the members in my group portrayed their self-concepts through their personal identity. Lileya had been camping and had a lot of knowledge about how to survive in the wild. Therefore, I believe this conveys personal identity because that was a unique attribute that none of the other members in the group had experienced.

There was not a lot of confirmation bias because we all agreed with the decision Lileya made, however we were unsure of some items and we kind of gave an opinion based on our own experiences, beliefs and assumptions. This happened because we formed a bias regarding our own personal beliefs and assumptions.

Halo Effect – I feel that maybe me being quiet might have given off a vibe to the members in my group that I’m not a friendly person. I was mostly communicating with Lileya because I know her from before and I didn’t have much of a conversation with the other girls cause firsty after we