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Beginning his career at Safeway, Australia, in the role of marketing personnel and purchasing, Mark Cowan spent nearly 25 years of construction and development company into a corporation Cowan and design consultancy global brand network 8 mesh and representative offices around the world.
During that time, his loyalty to the business philosophy is simple: The talent, the good, long-term relationships with customers. So far, the nod from the owners of major brands such as Nestlé, Philip Morris, Coca-Cola, Heinz, Kraft Foods ...proved, business philosophy is simple but it is close to the foundation of success.
Opportunities for people to embrace
* Starting with the work of a marketing staff, a new career in the field of marketing and brand consulting with him or because he is predestined to grasp the opportunity and see the market space?
- When you started to work in Australia first and then venture into the field of marketing, I do not think it was predestined that is the story of opportunity. That day, I did not quite understand the design, but again have the opportunity to work with the packaging design companies.
I observed employees of these companies, like the artist, the art of focusing the design but not interested in understanding how customers use products are, interested in something, how their design can attract customer's attention.
I think this is the market gap that the previous work experience helped me be able to fully satisfy. So why not take advantage of the recently found.
* The large market, according to his personal experience, how an entrepreneur can see gaps like that?
- This skill is no school, no training and no entity that can issue certificates for this skill. I think this skill belongs to the natural qualities, attention, vision problems ... for the world around everyone.
During work, I always pay attention, find out what makes consumers buy a certain product. From the story may notice many things, including defects and has a market opportunity. For me, the most important thing I gained is the method of drawing customer attention to your product or brand.
* Is it a key success of Cowan?
- My greatest success is never taken as a target profit for the job. I founded the company in contact with the brand and how to care brand was better in the eyes of users. Business is not based on profits booked me comfortable and confident with their decisions.
* As a result, during the business he did not encounter any significant obstacles?
- Where there is no story! I also faced many challenges during the construction of Cowan. In particular, I remember one time set up its first branch. This branch also in other cities of Australia, not overseas, but because before now only used to directly run so smoothly things are not like that.
However, due to competitive factors and customer intimacy, I was forced to adapt and get used to set remote management. At that time, the technical means really helped me a lot.
Thanks to the experience drawn from the initial counter that when Cowan Arabia towards opening representative offices abroad, I prepared all things in perspective, executive work more smoothly.
Like many entrepreneurs, I also make mistakes in the process and business startups. To be successful, I always stick to the principles of how to best complete the work. If you did your best and still not avoid mistakes, it is Europe that experience helped her become more mature.
* Anyway, the story of his debut in 1987 also took place, the last century. Now, the growing social, find a business environment to succeed, he says, is also easy as the previous day?
- This issue depends opinion success is how! For me, success is when you do better what is there. In order to succeed, I forced myself to face the challenges, I lobbied for the internal energy is never depleted.
To put it simply when I try to make the brand's existing customers better, of course, customers would not betray me. Even more important