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Good afternoon everyone, It’s a pleasure to be with you today. My name is xiaoyuan ma, I am a per-sessional 16week student, my major is design and branding strategy. Today i am going to talk about a jewelry brand “ Cartier”. And My presentation will last for about eight minutes. Right, let's get started.
What do you think of when you see the picture? Proposal, Marry or wedding ring ? You know, Rings are used on a daily basis as a way for a man to ask a woman to spend the rest of her life with him. The wedding ring represent the eternity of love and a bonding commitment you make to another person. So I think choose a beautiful wedding ring , is a most important thing for every couple .Therefore , my topic is :“What would most influence a couple to choose the brand Cartier for their wedding rings? ”
For this presentation I’ve divided to talk about 5 parts in my presentation. Firstly is The Origin of Brands, The second is Branding effect, And then is Design of product, After that is Which famous people have choosen it, Finally is Conclusion. If you have any question, at the end of the presentation you can ask me.
A good brand must have its long and great history , Cartier's story began in 1847 , Louis-Francois Cartier founded Cartier in Paris when he took over the workshop of his master. then Louis-Francois used his name to design the loge, acronym of the name L and C around into heart-shaped consisting of a diamond logo, And registered company it means Cartier was born, This heart-shaped logo represents of a fabulous love story and a luxury kingdom of start.
Cartier has a long history of sales to royalty and celebrities. Them quality and style attracted discerning customers. In no time royals began commissioning the house for special pieces to add to their jewelry collections. King Edward VII of England referred to Cartier as "the jeweler of kings and the king of jewelers."
Look at this PPT, it is a ranking of the 10 most elite and luxurious brands in the world and Cartier is in top 2. That means this brand received most of people love and recognition. As you can see, the figures speak for themselves.
OK, let's move on. Every weeding ring is a impressive love story. The ring and love is like fall in love at first sight, it is very romantic, we don't know who choose it first. However, They used the best romantic colour wrapped in beautiful diamond to implication the determined love in Cartier's "red case",the design of Cartier's wedding rings have stood the test of time and the "red case" bears witness to your commitment and your promise to your betrothed and blessing to every couple.
Will, I want to discuss One of the product “Trinity De Cartier”. Three bands. Three colors. Intertwined in a display of mystery and harmony. The Louis Cartier created the Trinity ring in 1924. Nowadays, It has become to most famous ring in the world,but also is the inspiration of Cartier and this branding tag. Three types of gold with three symbolic colors: pink for love, yellow for fidelity and white for friendship. just as they want to say , all about you forever.
Because of the various attractive product design of Cartier , caused many people to be attracted by their product, The same is true of famous people.